Trivia Obscura™ is a game of knowledge with strong elements of strategy and a Machiavellian ethos, dedicated into sharing dark knowledge to the world!


-161Days -4Hours -32Minutes -42Seconds

All issues revolve around “Dark Culture” and cover a wide range of topics such as music, movies, video games, comics, arts, science, history, mythology, lifestyle, celebrities and many more!

Every theme presented is unique and specially selected in order to flirt with the dark and the macabre, but without being unpleasant. And most of all, it is designed in a way that can be played by anyone, while offering fascinating information to its players, not just useless namedropping!



Choose the House you wish to play under!

Roll the die, and follow your path on the board, aiming for your House spots!

To achieve victory, you must claim all 3 spots of your chosen House!

Think it is easy? All you have to do, is just answer the questions correctly? Well…

Think Again!


For each correct answer of your House, you place a ring marker element on the spot.

Once both ring elements are placed in a spot, you own it!

Once a spot is fully claimed,

none shall pass over it, but you!


Dominate the board with your markers!

Block your opponent’s way by strategically building your empire!


Falling behind?

Unleash your inner Machiavelli by using the Carta Obscura!

Backstab your way to victory!!!

There are plenty of ways these precious special cards can get to your hands,

…but once they do…

Show No Mercy!



Win the game by fully claiming all 3 spots that belong to your chosen House and then crawl your way back to the Dungeon Market!



The Crown of Darkness is yours!

Trivia Obscura’s™ core game themes are divided into six different categories (Houses).

In contrast to other trivia games, players can choose which House they want to play under, so they can take advantage of their favourite topics and dazzle their opponents! Unlock 2 extra categories – House of Death and House of Music – as stretch goals.

A place where dark and mysterious creatures meet with wondering lost souls. In the House of the Occult you will find an abundance of vampires, zombies and werewolves. You will meet Cthulhu, Cerberus, Anubis, Kali, Tiamat and Mephistopheles. You will have the chance to cross the river Acheron and not least, you can have a chat with Paracelsus, John Milton, William Blake, Isaac Newton, John Dee, Aleister Crowley and Umberto Eco. In the House of the Occult you will also learn the secrets of alchemy, you will find I Ching, an old Tarot Deck, many Wiccans, and some lost Pastafarians.
A House where all types of classic and contemporary art, meet in Darkness. House of the Arts gives you the chance to explore the Dark side of some of the greatest artist of all times, like Hieronymus Bosch, Francisco de Goya, Andy Warhol, Man Ray, Joel-Peter Witkin and many more. You will also come across uncanny artifacts such as Moai statues, Totem poles. astronomical clocks and time eating machines. You will visit haunted Victorian style mansions, witch houses, the notorious Frankenstein Castle and the list goes on. On top of that, you will have a chat with Carl Barks and Tim Burton, meet Vampirella, Catwoman and the Corpse Bride. To chill out, you can play a little Call of Duty, Castlevania or Return to Castle of Wolfenstein.
Science itself can be the source of fascinating, weird and macabre information. In the House of Science you will deal with vampire numbers and deadly planets, you will see black diamonds, flesh eating plants and weird animals. You will learn everything about creepy diseases such as the Renfield Syndrome or the Cotard delusion. You will find out how many people die every year from snake bites, plane crashes, skateboards, roller coasters, vending machines and falling coconuts. You will discover which is the safest place in the U.S. to survive a zombie apocalypse and of course, how many shots of Espresso Coffee can kill you.
Not really a movie fan or a book lover? Tired of people blabbing about Lord Byron and Merry Shelley? Feeling more like putting your favorite corset and your steampunk goggles on dancing your socks off at Wave-Gotik-Treffen or Slimelight? Or would you rather have a smalltalk about Dita Von Teese and Betty Page, while visiting trendy cemeteries, morbid museums and haunted hotels around the globe? Then House of Lifestyle should be your choice. Pour yourself a Ghoul – aid cocktail and get ready to rub shoulders with Christian Louboutin, Vampira, Gothic Lolitas and Teddy boys. Get yourself pierced, tattooed and learn the forbidden art of Shimbari. Don a pair of Dr. Martens, a gravity defying Mohawk, and get a Bizarre magazine subscription.
Prepare yourselves for the most ultra-gory bloodbath of your life!In the House of Blood you will meet with the most notorious personalities that have ever existed (or not): George Romero, Peter Jackson, Marquis De Sade, Freddy Krueger, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Anne Rice, Elizabeth Bathory, Stephen King, Clive Barker, J. G. Ballard, Michael Myers, Chucky, they are all residents of this House.
House of History aims to prove that sometimes, reality can be stranger than any imagination! In this House you will escape the Spanish Inquisition, you will meet up with Templar Knights and tribes that shrink human heads, you will spend the night at Villa Diodati and explore a great variety of medieval torturing devices. You will also enjoy the company of Lord Byron, Bram Stoker, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Musidora and Sylvia Plath, and have the chance to see what will happen when Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods, finally occurs.
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Trivia Obscura™ @ AthensCON 2018

We first presented Trivia Obscura™ to the wider public in AthensCON 2018 and we rocked the place! We were surprised at how many of you know darkness…! Thank you to everybody that played with us! You rule!!!

Who can play Trivia Obscura™!

Trivia Obscura™ can be played by anyone, no matter the sub cultural background of the player! Even though Goths will LOVE it, Trivia Obscura’s™ main purpose is to provide people with fascinating and weird information of general interest! That is why the game is designed in a way that can be played by anyone! There are plenty of Houses in the game that refer to general issues (such as House of Science, House of History, etc)! In Trivia Obscura™ the player can choose which house he wishes to play under, plus, the strategy cards Carta Obscura can quickly turn the game around!


Get Machiavellian with Carta Obscura!

Here comes the fun part!


If you think simply knowing stuff will get you a clean victory, then your bookworm self is in for a big surprise!
Stab, grab, steal and win! Life is not fair! Neither is Trivia Obscura™!

“If an injury has to be done to a man, it should be so severe, that his vengeance need not be feared” Niccolo Machiavelli.

Carta Obscura cards are a separate “power” card category that helps you unveil your inner Machiavelli!

So, go on, backstab away… We won’t judge!


It is not always wise to divine the future. We have a series of amazing stretch goals that hold the promise of making Trivia Obscura™ even more unique! All will be unveiled in due time.

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